Where to see the Big Five?

Seeing the Big five is part of many people’s bucket lists! Seeing the Big five is what many travellers hope to achieve on their safari vacations – so it is vital to know where you can see the Big five when planning your next African Safari.

The Kruger Safari area is one of the best places to see the Big five due to the abundance of animals and the perfect landscape.

What are the Big Five?

Often thought to be a list of the most feared animals,  the Big five are the most difficult animals to hunt by foot as coined by big-game hunters. This term is now used widely by tour operators and safari guides as well, as these animals are often more challenging to find.

The five animals in the Big 5 group are:

  • Rhino (Both Black & White) – Becoming more and more endangered due to the illegal rhino horn poaching, these beautiful creatures roam the grasslands and thickets of Southern Africa.
  • Lion – Known as the King of the Jungle. Lions are often seen in prides lazing around. But if you are lucky enough, you may see them on the hunt!
  • Leopard – this feared, and secretive cat is often hard to find. It loves thick bush and trees.
  • Elephant – the biggest land mammal is a magnificent creature that almost got wiped out due to the ivory trade. But now they are on the up again.
  • Cape Buffalo – – these beasts roam the plains in herds up to more than hundreds of animals.

The hardest of the 5 to see is often the Rhino and the Leopard but does depend on the area. Your guide will be able to advise you on the best time to see them and where to look. These trained professionals often know the animal’s movements and can help you track them down.

Entabeni Hospitality

With the Kruger area being the best place to go in South Africa to see the Big five and with so many different lodges to choose from whilst in the Kruger – the question is – which lodge should you choose?

Entabeni Hospitality is a great option to see the Big five while doing it in comfort and style. With their top-class facilities, golf course and beautiful reserve – you cannot choose a better place to relax and recharge.

Now is a better time than ever to see the Big five on your bucket list trip to South Africa. With low prices and cheap flights, it is time to take advantage of these specials.

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